Irrigation & Drainage

So many homeowners come under attack because their sprinkler systems run precious resources into the street. This not only wastes water, is washes fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides out of your landscaping and into the local water reservoirs. With A Cut Above the Curb, a Chesapeake landscaping company, you’ll find a balance in watering and chemicals. If you hire A Cut Above the Curb to install your irrigation and drainage lines, they will be set to deliver just enough water for your landscaping plants to consume, and not one gallon more. In addition, the maintenance program is personally crafted for each and every landscape so that any fertilizers applied will be used by the plants. There won’t be any excess that can wash off in a rain storm. The pesticides and herbicides are often natural, and always judiciously applied to be absorbed on the spot, rather than lie on the top of the ground.

Your irrigation system will be planned carefully so that there are no dead spots. If you hire A Cut Above the Curb as your Chesapeake irrigation company, you’ll find that they can integrate the design of your landscape perfectly with your irrigation, so that the two merge seamlessly.

You may even need a new water well. A Cut Above the Curb does well drilling in Chesapeake, installing new systems and repairing old ones. They can provide the pumps, heads, and lines, too.

Drainage is another problem with many homeowners. Rains and melting snows can carve a gully around the foundation of your house, or right through your front yard. How many school playgrounds have you seen that have a trench carved through it, usually full of mud, that the teachers have to keep the kids out of all day? A good Chesapeake landscaper can fix that, and A Cut Above the Curb is the right one for you. French drains and dry creek beds are a great way to handle runoff, keeping drainage from your house from being a liability.