Landscape Design

Have you just run out of places to put the pretty plants you pick up at the nursery? Maybe you just don’t know where to start, or you have such a big/small lot that you’re at a loss. You need a landscape designer in Chesapeake to bail you out. Call A Cut Above the Curb for professionally done landscape design. They will work within your budget to produce a beautiful, usable space that you’ll be proud of.

Landscape design in Chesapeake must include many variables. The slope of your property will determine drainage, which, by the way, A Cut Above the Curb will take care of. The uses through which you put your yard will determine the design, too. Do you need more lawn, or more pavers? Do you need a retaining wall to create more level ground? Maybe you need to work some greenery around a pool deck, but just don’t know how. A Cut Above the Curb is a Chesapeake landscaping company that will survey your property and draw up a design that you’ll like.

A Cut Above the Curb is committed to establishing a permanent relationship with you, their customer, and making you happy with the landscape design is only part of the picture. If you want them to, they’ll draw up the irrigation plans, too. Lighting is always important in a landscape, and landscape lighting in Chesapeake is available at A Cut Above the Curb. You’ll find that you not only have subtle, defining lighting for ambiance, but the species lights will provide just the right accents in your yard or patio.

Plants introduced in your landscape design will be carefully placed with consideration for many characteristics. Color coordination may be important to you. Maybe you want year round color, so shrubs, bushes, and perennial flowers can be carefully placed according to height, texture, color, light needs, and water needs. Yes, all of these things must be considered when designing a landscape in Chesapeake.

Water features, such as waterfalls and bubbling boulders, are another must-have in many landscape designs in Chesapeake. A Cut Above the Curb will handle it to your liking, and your water feature will hold the place you want it to have in your landscape.