Lawn Care

Any Chesapeake lawn care service should be able to trim and edge your lawn leaving it even and in good shape. If the surface of the grass turns brown after it has been cut, it could be because the blades of the mower are dull, or because the grass was cut too short. If the homeowner requests for the grass to be cut down, A Cut Above the Curb can’t do anything about the browning. But they can give you a good, even cut with no gouges and holes in the grass.

But Chesapeake lawncare means more than just mowing and edging. January and February are the months that your landscapers in Chesapeake will begin spraying pre-emergent on your lawn. This will keep any weed seeds from sprouting when the weather warms up. It’s a controlled way to keep your grass healthy, permitting the roots to spread without the impediment of weeds.

Many people don’t know that some weeds are actually “noxious” weeds, meaning that they keep other vegetation from growing around them. These weeds usually have one large tap root that breaks off if you try to pull the weeds, and grows back. The soil around these tap roots becomes very hard, since it is “tapped” of all water, leaving the ground parched and non-absorbent. The result is hard soil that does not absorb water. A healthy lawn actually keeps the soil in good condition. The millions of tiny grass roots burrow down as far as 16” into the soil, keeping it broken up and absorbent. Earth worms come to live in the soil, fertilizing it as they do their job. A Chesapeake lawn care company can keep your lawn healthy, helping the ecosystem.

You’ll also want to make sure your grass, trees, and bushes have balanced pH for proper growth.   A Cut Above the Curb will add the appropriate supplements as necessary to promote the healthiest vegetation around your home.