Mulching your planting beds and flower beds is crucial to landscaping in Chesapeake. A Cut Above the Curb knows that mulch is a lowly and underestimated aspect of the landscape design. A good layer of mulch, maintained through the year, will virtually eliminate problems with weeds. The cover offered by mulch also prevents evaporation of moisture, so that you don’t have to water as often.

A Cut Above the Curb uses only shredded mulch that is dyed and treated to last twice as long as regular mulch. No, mulch does not promote termites and other wood boring pests. Mulch is made from woods that are repulsive to termites and carpenter ants. This can actually help to protect your home and perimeter fence. In addition, the mulch breaks down over time, providing detritus to the soil which can later be worked in, enriching the soil. All in all, it’s a very ecofriendly service. Landscapers in Chesapeake such as A Cut Above the Curb encourage the use of mulch for the benefit of your landscape plants, your home structures, and the earth, itself.

Not only are all mulches used by A Cut Above the Curb long-lasting, they are also sanitized so that no bacteria or pests are brought into your space. In addition, mulching must be done carefully, with an eye to protecting tender branches and flowers. It’s also important to not pile mulch around the trunk of your trees, as it can keep the tree from flourishing. Knowledgeable landscapers in Chesapeake will know how to use mulch in your landscape to its full potential.