Pruning in Chesapeake will keep shrubs, bushes, and trees healthy and beautiful. A Cut Above the Curb does pruning services in Chesapeake in a variety of styles. Yes, there are styles of pruning.

You may want just light shaping of your shrubs. For instance, the hedge needs clipping, or the holly is getting leggy. A skillfully don’t pruning job will promote new growth that replaces damaged or weak growth on your bushes and shrubs. You can have the classic, smooth cut on your hedges, with nice curves or crisp corners. You can also choose a more natural look, in which the landscaper goes in and removes strategic branches, reducing the overall footprint of the shrub without making it look “trimmed”.

Do you like cool shapes? Ornamental pruning in Chesapeake is available with A Cut Above the Curb. Frame your front door with two potted junipers pruned in a spiral. Or, maybe a topiary is more to your liking. Some people call these the “poodle bushes”. All of these require special training on the part of the landscape crew, or damage will be done to the plants. But, when done correctly, the visual interest and sculptural beauty of the properly pruned shrubbery provides endless enjoyment.

Pruning is also necessary for the espadrille. In this technique, a viney shrub is trained to grow on a fence or wall in a grid pattern. It makes a beautiful backdrop in your yard or patio, and helps to hide an ugly shop building or storage house. A Cut Above the Curb provides this kind of landscaping service in Chesapeake.