Turf Programs

The savvy homeowner realizes that his property value increases simply from having great curb appeal, and a Chesapeake landscaper can help along those lines.  A Cut Above the Curb is your personal landscaper in Chesapeake who can build a turf program for your home, commercial property, or school grounds. Those little moles, voles, and gophers can ruin your landscaping, but even more can present a tripping hazard in sports fields, back yards, playgrounds, and pastures. A quality turf program company in Chesapeake can take care of the problem in the most humane way possible.

Your turf may need help in the way of aeration. A Cut Above the Curb offers aeration services to help your turf get a good head start. By aeration, the Chesapeake landscaper can insure that the soil in your lawn is loosened up by pulling a roller with big spikes across the lawn. This will puncture the turf, leaving holes that will hold water and nutrients. This is especially necessary in traffic areas, or in soil where weeds have been the main source of vegetation. The weeds will tap all of the moisture out of the soil without replacing nutrients, leaving it barren and hard. Aeration will also encourage the growth of grass roots, which will quickly fill the holes punched in the lawn, building beautiful turf. In addition, grass doesn’t grow as quickly as weeds, so it won’t have to be mowed as often.

Chesapeake Landscapers will also overseed barren areas of your lawn or field. With proper preparation, and maybe a little topsoil for a head start, the grass seed will take root. Grass roots are very strong, and they will force their way down into even hard soil once they get started. This provides a great habitat for earthworms that further condition the soil.

A good turf program with A Cut Above the Curb will make your property easier to maintain, and it will look great in the process. Let A Cut Above the Curb provide all of your landscaping in Chesapeake. They care about your business, and will work to make you happy. Their turf control program includes 2 applications of pre emergent, an organic fertilizer with a turf builder, 2 applications of weed control, seeding, aeration, more fertilization, along with lime, and post emergent to kill any obnoxious weeds that come up from the root. A follow up fertilizer, and then winterizer, will keep your turf beautiful.