Water Features – Waterfalls And Ponds

Anyone who has ever watched the myriad of hummingbirds frequenting a waterfall, or the beautiful, translucent dragonflies that buzz around a pond, will want a water feature in their yard. Landscapers in Chesapeake should be qualified to install a sturdy, yet beautiful water feature. A Cut Above the Curb is just such a landscaper. Not only is a water feature a beautiful addition to the ecosystem, it can distract the ear from the sounds of nearby traffic, or other environmental noise. A bubbling boulder on the back patio, next to your lawn chair, can help you relax and forget the outside world. And after all – isn’t that the point of your refuge?

Unless the Chesapeake landscaper is certified, he won’t know all of the techniques for building a successful water feature. You can’t just dig a hole in the ground and line it with a pool liner. Grading is crucial to keep runoff waters out of your pond. A level site is also of utmost importance. You would be surprised at how many times A Cut Above the Curb has been called in to fix a water feature installed by another company, and it’s not even level.

The pond liner is another point of interest. A Cut Above the Curb is committed to quality and professional installation, and a pond liner or waterfall liner that is too thin just doesn’t fall into their idea of quality.  The physics of water movement is important, too. As a leading water feature company in Chesapeake, A Cut Above the Curb will be sure that the pumps, filters, and all of the other elements of your water feature are installed properly and beautifully, so that all you notice is the peaceful sound of running water in your landscape.

Remember, too, that if you want the pleasure available with a water feature, but don’t want the upkeep of a pond, you can always get a pondless waterfall or bubbling boulder. These are self-sustaining features, that just require periodic filter cleaning and a refill of water now and then.