Tree Removal

Anyone who loves nature and wants to make their yard beautiful just must have trees in the landscape. Unfortunately, these beautiful giants often must be removed. Damage from weather, bugs, and disease often destroy the trees in your yard. That’s when you start looking for tree removal in Chesapeake. At A Cut Above the Curb, you’ll find experts who are specifically trained for tree removal and stump grinding in Chesapeake.

You’ve probably seen the funny videos on TV about people who think they are going to cut down a dead tree, only to have it fall on the house or car. Don’t be that person. Call A Cut Above the Curb for safe, professional, and reliable tree removal. This Chesapeake landscaping company sends only landscapers who are trained in tree removal to handle these situations.

You can avoid tree removal by taking care of the trees. Bag worms, bark beetles, leaf borers, and other bugs kill thousands of trees a year, but when you only have a few at your house or apartment complex, you don’t want to become a statistic. A Cut Above the Curb is a Chesapeake landscaper that can treat your trees and shrubs to keep bugs from taking a toll. The judicious application of the right pesticide at the right time means that there is no harm done to the ecosystem, and the benefits are enormous. The bugs that kill living things are gone, and the trees are left healthy, providing shelter for birds and squirrels.

Another way to increase the life span of your trees is through intelligent pruning. The canopy of your shade trees needs special care, and a good tree pruner in Chesapeake can work wonders. A Cut Above the Curb will send their trained staff to clean out the canopy of your tree, removing weak and dead branches. Branches that cross each other will rub together, creating breaches in the bark that can allow disease and pests. As a bonus, a tree canopy that is properly maintained will even allow a little sunlight to reach the ground, enabling gentle grasses and flowers to thrive.

City codes are another reason to call A Cut Above the Curb. They’ll make sure your trees are “limbed up” to provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles and line-of-sight at street corners.